Saturday, August 30, 2008

31st August 2008

Today is happy MERDEKA!! =) actually is me and my baobeii gash de 5th month anniversary...We met ystday adi lor..hehe..every aniversary oso got meet happy..but..when i spm that time nov cant meet for anniversary lor..sob sob..sure sad sad..but nvm..we r still young rite..alot time more for pakto..hehehe...Miss bibi so much now..bibi..although i hurt u so much all these while..but i swear to myself that i wana change my attitude...i wana be the old nicole that always love tis bibi gash so much..hehe..muacks..bibi...i love u will change everything for u..even change my face..wakaka..=)..muackss bibi..i love u..forever love de..!! forever also wont let u go away from my hand..hehehe..i hope i will be ur hangfuk de laopo forever and ever!!!no matter wat..die oso die together..bury oso must bury with u de o!!! u noe ma?!muacksss!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


i tot bibi go back kepong..coz i close his phone jz now..i keep call bibi..but cant..sob sob..then his kakak say he go out jor..i so sad..i cried...cried..cried..until now..7.45 til now..i really scared bibi dunwan me liao..scare bibi dunwan me forever..i really very scare..cry until my eyes swollen jor..i really scare bibi will leave me alone...i dunwan to be alone..bibi..i love u..dun dam dai me pls..bibi..=(..i really cant lose still crying..cant stop..bibi..=(..sad..i love u..dun dump me..plss....bibi..i really duwan to lose u

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mrs bibi love mr bibi

Mr bibii!! bibi went to kepong yam cha lor..sure late come back liao..sob sob..tis afternoon bibi suppose to go yam cha de..but after receive a disappoint sms from mrs bibi..then mr bibi dunwan go liao..sob sob..bibi ar..dun like that lo..i realy no angry u ok? u so much leh!! 6.42pm..hehe..nth to do lor..jz sitting down here miss bibi..i think later i will play psp lor..bibi ar..aihx..hate my mom ar?sighh..=(..bibi ar..i really need u to be by my side lor..hope u wont dump me oo..hehe..i really really cannot lose u lor..u noe ?hehe.... blekkx..bibi arhh..hehe..i wan lolipop!!! ..haha..can ma??hehehe...blek..bibi ahh..see u on9..haha..feel wan chat with u..but ure not infront of the u promise me go home sleep de a..dun lie me ooo..hehe..okok?? i watching tv.nth to watch lol..haha..biii..haha..looking at our sweet..haha..=).i really miss bibi de hug hug le..hiak warm n nice de bibi de hug hug..hehehe.bibi de kiss kiss oso sweet worr..hehehe...=) wana kiss bibi dunwan let bibi go lor..hehehe..hold u tight in myy arms..hehehe.+p wakakaka..hehe..bibi ah..i stop here lo..later continue u!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Love bibi

biiii..i miss u so much..haha..i think dunwan tell u i write blog lo..give u suprise..haha..muackss u so muchiee..later 4 pm sienx..haha..muackss..miss uu..yesterday meet u happy..i promise u de thing yesterday i can do it de!! me..hehe..hope ure not angry a me anymore lor..bibi happy lor..that thursday de thing..haha..muacks..most happy thing in my life is havin a bf like u..hehe..2nd is can see u everyday..hehehe..muackss..miss bibii...bibi ar...tomolo continue this blog coz..stomach pain now..xD

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Friday : 12.10PM
miss gong.....talking with bibi on the phone..made me sot sot jor liao lor..haha..sob sob..bibi wan serve customer dunwan serve me..wuwu..hehe..=)..muackss..lovee uuu...bibi..miss u so much~..close bibi phone jor..wakakaka..haha..dunwan bibi get i off listening song..the power of love..hehe..muackss..i just hope bibi july can come kepong stay miss bibi now..hehe..argue..oso let dao bibi tham me....>.< ....yesterday argue again...but after heard the touch...the small gal so kepong area my aunt house there..opposite got robber..then the police chase after the robber..then the robber dunwana come out den the police aunt saw nth to do wo...just listening songs..wuwuw..bibi take report card kor say wan format the desktop..but havent format..sot sot de la him..haha.these few days my kor de fren no stay at my gud..haha..he stay with his^^ jus received bibi de message..haha..wan reply anot lerh?haha..dunwan scold me o in sms..say me not si wen..wuwuwu..i very chou lou de le..ha..ha..bibi ar..we together almost 3 months lor..i really hope can forever..but yesterday i hurt u again..dui bu qi..wo zhen de bu xiang de oo..hope bi dun angry lor...hehe..bibi ar..sigh..i thinking..i shud put more effort at studies..i tell my mom i wan learn chef yesterday after spm..den she say c hows my result sin ar..u think i study wat good for me leh?mm?i really very fan about that future in sec skol is good de..but 1 thing not good is no freedom lo..sob sob..summore canot drive..4 more mths spm..den after that i learn driving lo..den..maybe end of the year follow my dad go outstation..whole family go kuala terengganu..hehe..hope i kena Ns lor..coz i really feel wan gam fei..hehe..=)..but when i go nS ad..bibi dun yai yai ar..dun kao lui arr..dun kap lui arr..haha..dun dota oo..haha..blekk..that time i wish bibi can go to the ns place n visit me lor..hehe..if bibi really do so..i really really happy de..yesterday bibi promise me adi..mei yi tian dou yao gei wo yi ge kai xin de memory..haha..i keep wondering..wat memory bi will give me and can give it everyday de leh? sweet sweet on phone doesnt counted as happy memory wo..haha..blek..muacks muacks..bibi 12.10 pm oni..i feel like wan to tired..haha..after tis blog i sleep lor..muackss...miss bibi so much ar?bibi ar!!!..wuwuwu~...muackss..i really miss bibi de hug hug lo..hehe..hope bibi can give me hug hug..hehe..=)..feel warm when bibi hug me.. =) arh..i think the blog long enuff liao de lor..haha..eye wan close jor..hehehe..bibi wont angry me de hor..blekk...=)..miss bibi now..wan c bibi when i open my eyes..hehe..miss bibi everyday ,everyminute,every second..mmuackss..bibi..wo ai ni..=) 13!!..july come kepong stay ah!!..hehehe..muacksss..biii.........

Saturday, June 14, 2008


SUNDAY-haih.just argue with gong.dunno wat happen to me..sigh..maybe i wrong..i think i hurt him very very much d..i oso told u phone i duno how to tam ppl sorry..i oso dunno..i just felt u still got something keeping secret behind me de..summore say u everything oso got tel me...i realli dun believe that u told me all lo..but now i see ur blog..i really really didnt think wrong...u really got thing no tell got a gal wana kao u in RO..sigh..i dunno ler..u oso changed ad ma..i really dunno wat happen to our relationship..aihx..bfor we everyday argue i really think that we can really last ever..but now..i duno ler.let the god make decision ba..i oso told u bfor..u tahan me oso got limit de ur limit oso reach the top jor..rite?i know..dun nid to tam me so much la..not worth it de la...sigh..and..if ur fren ask u dota..go oni ba...thats ur life..u shud go dota..i really dunwan ctrl u so much..i dunwan ur fren say u useless..everyday gf gf..sigh..and..the RO gal wan kao u..if u realy feel that u be with me no happiness..then u try accept her u told me bfor..ur RO all gal de..tis is a lie or wat?sigh..dunno ler...dunwan think too much..i dun dare to think too much and too far adi..maybe u think im not as sweet as last time..aihh..i oso dunno...i just hope nth will happen.sorry for everything.ur hand..i hope no injured..sorry ..i angry..i wont ask anything sorry..maybe if u dun forgive me ..oso nvm la..i dun hope for a forgive .i just hope ure happy with urself..if u do something dat can make urself happy..i will support u..hope u really really happy..12 pm..i oso dunno wat to do..nth to do..nvm la..maybe i go find my kai didi keng gai lor..duno ler..anything lar..zzzz...sienx...tata

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Hmm..let me start my blog gong gong lar..he so long didnt dota let him lor..hehe..yesterday is my most happiest day..i think i dunwan mention it here..haha..=) muackss..miss my gong so alone at home again..bro go yam cha..zzz..haha..dun dare watch dvd now..later dun dare sleep lol...aaha..tomolo watch with mommy..lolx..swt@@lalala..tomolo parents back lo..den monday got skol lor..sighhH!!..sienxxx..~~den get back exam results..scare scare!!!..hope no fail ler..sob sob..!!!zzz..gong por no mood liao..haha.coz gong gong dota..por por miss gong so much leh..but nvm lar..i let gong dota de..hehe..nvm nvm..i wait u..hehe..byebyee.